Definity is focused on the true meaning of teaching and learning where students are challenged to learn as much they can and to think critically.

Top quality and intensive medical coding, billing and terminology courses at the most reasonable prices to provide you the opportunity to truly succeed on the job as well as prepare for national exams!

These course are online and composed of two medical terminology courses (beginning and advanced), two medical insurance courses (beginning and advanced), and two medical coding courses (ICD9 and CPT for the physician’s office which are composed of 30 packets each). Students are well prepared to take either the AHIMA or AAPC national exams for medical coding after completion of the courses.
COURSES:  All courses are online with other formats available as arranged.


$100  –  Medical Terminology I & II Combined (Online)
$100  –  Medical Billing I & II combined (Online)
$500  –  ICD-9 Coding for Physician/CPT Physician Coding Course
$100  –  ICD-10 Training

Study Skills: 10-Minute Study Skills Instruction Guide
Medical Coding Career Introduction: 5-Minute Presentation

What Students Are Saying After Taking These Courses….

“Before I began Dr. Olsen’s classes, I was struggling as a single mom to put food on the table by working minimum wage jobs, but I dreamed of a better life for me and my children. Through the rigorousness and intensity of Dr. Olsen’s classes, but even more importantly her personalization of my educational experience, I was able to achieve beyond my dreams by not only mastering the classroom material but also life because she is committed to challenging you to not only be your best as a student but in all areas of your life as well.” Sylvia Gonzalez, CCS, CCS-P, Coding Analyst

“Lyn Olsen is a teacher who gives so much of herself in order to help others. She has gone above and beyond anything I could ever have expected. I recently started working as a medical coder (with no previous experience in the field, except for Lyn’s class) and discovered that I was very well prepared for the job. Thank you, Lyn for taking the extra time to help me become knowledgeable and confident as a coder.”

“Current research indicates that stimulating and exercising your brain can help keep it young, and slow memory loss among other things. If that’s the case, Dr. Olsen’s online ICD-9-CM and CPT courses has given me back precious years!” Paula Vik

“The comprehensive course work is designed to help students achieve mastery. I am now an AHIMA certified coder, and have been working as a medical coder since taking Lyn’s class. If you’re considering pursuing a career as a medical coder, I highly recommend Lyn’s course to you.” A. Campbell

“Lyn Olsen is one of the few great teachers left in this world. She genuinely cares about her students, the course, its content and credibility of the material she is providing. I found her course the best course I have ever taken. With the content, the teacher, the support and the success of the course, you can’t go wrong with this.” Jamie Carrell, RN