Thank you for preparing and presenting in-service training to Zanes Law staff regarding Medical Procedure Coding (CPT) and HIPAA privacy and security regulations.  The presentations during the past few months were well organized, very informative and greatly appreciated by our staff. Your presentations not only presented the data needed by our staff to understand the technicalities of the material but also incorporated anecdotal stories from your experiences and current events within the community that served as interesting examples of how the information could be applied. Through your efforts, our staff is better informed and able to respond to questions on these topics with greater confidence and authority.  Thank you again for your efforts.  Richard Edelmann
Wanting to provide top quality management and services to my employees and my clients and being highly disappointed with poor quality instruction and services from other companies and schools, I turned to Dr. Olsen for medical coding and consulting services and found the superior quality I had always hoped for.  Natalie Jividen, Owner, Old Pueblo Practice Management
“The content of Lyn’s material is, without question, extraordinarily comprehensive and exhaustive! Lyn’s support, follow-through and guidance have kept me on task and focused on learning and understanding the dynamics of diagnostic and procedural coding. With Lyn’s direction, I have developed additional critical thinking and analytical skills that will serve me well. Lyn understands first-hand the integral role of coders in health information management and what employers are looking for to meet the challenging demands of today and into the future. I successfully passed my national coding exam the first time and now have a great job coding at a hospital.”  Jerry, CCS-P and CCS
“Before I began Dr. Olsen’s classes, I was struggling as a single mom to put food on the table by working minimum wage jobs, but I dreamed of a better life for me and my children. Through the rigorousness and intensity of Dr. Olsen’s classes, but even more importantly her personalization of my educational experience, I was able to achieve beyond my dreams by not only mastering the classroom material but also life because she is committed to challenging you to not only be your best as a student but in all areas of your life as well.” Sylvia Gonzalez, CCS, CCS-P, Coding Analyst
“Lyn Olsen is a teacher who gives so much of herself in order to help others. She has gone above and beyond anything I could ever have expected. I recently started working as a medical coder (with no previous experience in the field, except for Lyn’s class) and discovered that I was very well prepared for the job. Thank you, Lyn for taking the extra time to help me become knowledgeable and confident as a coder.”
“Current research indicates that stimulating and exercising your brain can help keep it young, and slow memory loss among other things. If that’s the case, Dr. Olsen’s online ICD-9-CM and CPT courses has given me back precious years!” Paula Vik
“The comprehensive course work is designed to help students achieve mastery. I am now an AHIMA certified coder, and have been working as a medical coder since taking Lyn’s class. If you’re considering pursuing a career as a medical coder, I highly recommend Lyn’s course to you.” A. Campbell
“Lyn Olsen is one of the few great teachers left in this world. She genuinely cares about her students, the course, its content and credibility of the material she is providing. I found her course the best course I have ever taken. With the content, the teacher, the support and the success of the course, you can’t go wrong with this.” Jamie Carrell, RN
I want to take a moment to express how much I enjoyed being a student of Dr. Olsen. I have never had an instructor who could be more special and dedicated than her. She always made extra sure that everyone understood the material. She is more  than being an instructor though because she gives her best always so she is always able to help anyone, not only with studying materials but also with life. I could keep going on and on about how a great teacher and person she is…..
Ana, CPC, Coding/Billing Specialist
Lyn Olsen is one of the best instructors I ever had.  She is very caring, making sure that her students always come first.  She accommodates her students to ensure they are well prepared.  She reviews with you until you understand. She is truly the best. I have been very happy in taking this class and know that I am better for it all.  JoAnna, Insurance Specialist- APIPA, Tucson Orthopaedic Institute